Advantages of Polymer Covers

Radiator covers can be manufactured in wood, steel, or even fiberglass. All have some merit, however our High Impact Polymer Covers have a number of very special benefits:

  • Polymer covers never rust or rot
  • Polymer covers are very easy to clean
  • Polymer covers never need decorating
  • Polymer covers provide a 'cushion' effect if fallen against
  • Polymer covers are very strong and resist damage
  • Polymer covers are superb in wet areas such as toilets or bathrooms
  • Unlike steel, polymer radiator covers do not dent or bend after impact

Why Radiator Covers?

polymer radiator cover thumbRadiator covers are used to ensure that the maximum surface temperature that a resident, patient, or visitor can be exposed to is 43 degrees centigrade. This temperature is determined by the NHS directive DN4.

The NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes, "Safe hot water and surface temperatures” - ISBN 0113221584 (formally known as DN4) was issued following a number of serious incidents, arising from the high surface temperatures of radiators.