Made from extremely strong UV protected clear Polycarbonate, our Wall Mounted TV Covers are virtually unbreakable making them ideal in environments where protective screening is essential.

The covers are ideal for any location exposed to a greater risk than your average home environment. Protect your TV’s from accidental and intentional screen damage, attempted removal, theft or vandalism.

Perfect for venues including:

  • Mental Health and Correctional Facilities
  • Schools and Educational Facilities
  • Care Homes and Hospitals
  • Leisure and Community Centres
  • Warehouses and Factories
  • Restaurants and Bars

Standard Sizes Available

Standard Sizes Available

To complement our custom offering, we now have a selection of Wall Mounted TV Covers in standard off-the-shelf sizes. These select sizes are immediately available and can be delivered as soon as you need them.

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Internal Dimension in mm
32" TV H535 x W832 x D260 £292.53
43" TV H630 x W1050 x D260 £331.03
55" TV H780 x W1310 x D260 £373.31
65" TV H900 x W1530 x D260 £412.82

all ex VAT and carriage