Our extensive stocks levels of fabrication and engineering plastics allow us to offer you a finished product at the most competitive prices.

Our fabricated products can be found in applications such as signage, vehicle refits, glazing, museum displays, machine guarding, CNC profiling and security screens.

Hot Line Bending
We have a range of line bending machines up to 3mtrs in length which allows us to form the desired profile from one piece of material rather than bonding multiple parts together for a smoother and cleaner finish.

We offer a wide range of welding services for the manufacture of tanks and boxes in all plastic materials.

We offer flame polishing and diamond polishing for the complete point of sale finished products up to 50mm thick. We also offer hand polishing for those high-end applications.

Drape Forming
Drape forming, also known as thermo-forming, is the process of forming materials over curved tools. This process is suitable for curved windows, screens, doors and guards.

Gluing / Solvent Welding
Our solvent welding/gluing services are ideal for display units and other visually important applications. We can produce clear glue joints which are just as strong as the material itself.

For customers who do not have the space or time in-house, we can offer a fully machined, fabricated and assembled products.