The Gibson cover has all the versatility and functionality as our standard range with the added advantage of a usable top shelf.

Low Surface Temperature (LST)
Our low surface temperature (LST) covers are ideal for Care Homes, Schools, Nurseries, Hospitals or any environment where users could suffer harm from accidental scalding. They are easy to maintain with a wipe clean surface, are foil lined to help control surface temperatures, have Class 1 fire rating and comply with NHS Directive DN4 for surface temperatures.

They are particularly suited to wet areas, such as toilets, bathrooms and shower rooms where no matter how wet the cover may get, they will never rust like steel covers, or soak up moisture like wooden covers. Unlike other manufactures, each cover is supplied with a PVC batten, making it easy to fit and preventing unsightly wooden battens soaking up liquids!

Impact Resistant
Made from high impact PVC, our covers perform where residents may have challenging behaviours, protecting both the resident and the radiator. The cover has a certain amount of 'give' under impact, absorbing the force and ensuring the cover remains undamaged.