Gibson Cover

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Our Gibson covers are ideal for Care Homes and Nursing Homes. High impact polymer covers are particularly suited to wet areas, such as toilets and bathrooms. No matter how wet the cover may get, it will never rust or soak up moisture.

Polymer radiator covers are made of a tough, durable polymer ensuring the cover is impact resistant. The polymer of the cover 'gives' under impact, absorbing the force and ensuring the cover remains undamaged. They are maintenance free, have a wipe clean surface, Class 1 fire resistance and comply with NHS Directive DN4 for surface temperatures.

Unlike some other manufactures, PolyCoversDirect Ltd supply a polymer batten with each cover, making it easy to fit and preventing unsightly wooden battens soaking up liquids! Our Gibson cover is quick and easy to clean, and will never rust or require re-painting.

All our covers are foil lined to help reduce the surface temperatures.

The Gibson Cover has a sleek, curved design with a usable shelf, designed to blend in with other furniture. Aesthetically pleasing, and functional, polymer covers are extremely versatile and suitable for almost all applications.


gibson cornerRadiators can have sharp edges and protruding valves, both of which can cause injury if fallen against. High impact polymer covers provide protection from fall injury, the product 'giving' under impact. This property also ensures polymer covers can withstand aggressive behavior.

Technical Information

PolyCoversDirect Ltd LST radiator covers are manufactured in white UVA resistant, 4.5mm uPVC (Class 1 fire resistant). The polymer radiator covers are front slotted, top and bottom on floor standing covers.

High impact covers are supplied with foamed uPVC batten equal to the internal length dimension of the cover. All covers are pre cut with our own special keyhole design slots on the 55mm back return for simple fixing.

gibson corner 2Covers can be supplied with or without an access hole, and also with rectangular section cut outs to accommodate the skirting boards and valve access where applicable. A plastic cap is provided, or a circular uPVC or steel disc as required to cover up access hole. Covers can also be supplied with a removable side access panel for easy cleaning and valve access.

What Sizes Are Available?

All our high impact polymer covers are made to measure. We provide a simple self survey sheet with instructions for customers who would like to do their own measuring. Download survey sheet from link below. Alternatively we can visit you and measure the radiators required. Following acceptance of our quotation, delivery is normally within 3 weeks.

Remember, we are here to help you in any way we can. If you have any special requirements please ask us - we are more often than not, able to work with you to a satisfactory conclusion.

Cleaning Your Radiator Cover

Polymer radiator covers can be cleaned easily by using warm water and a cloth.

Easy to fit Radiator Covers

We make the radiator covers easy to fit by pre cutting skirting cut outs and access holes. Most covers can be fitted by a competant handyman, and if the covers do need to be cut it is a simple process using normal power and hand tools.

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