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We can also make virtually any bespoke pipe cover or boxing, just call us and ask!

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Polymer Mirrors

Polymer Mirrors are ideal for both indoor and out door use. As they are made from polymer, the mirrors will not shatter and therefore are safe to use in a range of environments.

Polymer Mirrors do not rust like conventional mirrors, therefore they can withstand surroundings such as bathrooms and gardens and are also much less viable to steam. These mirrors come in any shape or size and can be manufactured to your exact specifications.

Pipe Covers

We supply matching pipe covers to complement the radiator covers.

Pipe cover options are:

  • Polymer
  • Round edged
  • Square edged
  • Slotted and unslotted
  • 2 sided or 3 sided
  • Top hat section
Impact resistant uPVC cladding for encasing pipework, heating system

We provide a design and fabrication service to encase vulnerable or unsightly equipment.

Our range of products also extends to matching bash plates and corner protectors.

Polymer Sheet Fabrications

We can make almost any item which can be fabricated from sheet polymer, and we are happy to try and create something totally new and unique to you.